Meet The Humans Behind Tuddl

Tuddl is supported by a team of industry heavyweights, expert contributors and technical gurus that are passionate about empowering teams to achieve great things.

Our Mission

We set out to create a powerful tool for people leaders, equipping their teams and enabling true workplace connection and cultural alignment.

We believe that giving teams the power to harness change, whilst supporting their wellbeing and performance, unlocks the door to owning challenges and achieving greater impact.

People-first cultures lead to a better way of working, and we’re committed to helping teams lean into that value.

Meet The Team

Chris Preston

Founder & CXO
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Chris has been working in the people development space for more than 20 years – sleeves rolled up delivery of programmes that stretched from deep and thoughtful to daring and different. He has worked in both large corporations (Sony, Pfizer, AOL), charities and consultancies – learning first-hand what makes a team ‘tick’ and what works when it comes to sustainable change.

His burning passion is making Tuddl come to life, using intriguing content, clever actions and appealing design – Chris wants everyone to love Tuddl, and it’s driving the team crazy. In his defence, he is one of our most experienced Psychologists, so he also backs the desire for a new feature with the thinking about why it’s going to be so great.

He’s also the founder of The Culture Builders, Tuddl’s sister company, through which much of the research, content and practical experience has been developed.

Jane Sparrow

Founder & CCO
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Throughout Jane’s career, her driver has been to enable others to be successful – at an individual, team and organisational level, and Tuddl has allowed this to happen exponentially. In fact, if only she’d built it first she could have saved a lot of time on thought leadership, book writing and consulting work (she’s kinda famous).

Her career includes senior roles at Sony and IBM, with a scattering of stints with companies such as The Energy Project and MCA. All of which culminated in setting up The Culture Builders – an award winning culture consultancy. And, like Chris, she’s taken decades of experience working with teams and poured it into Tuddl. Critically, Jane is the voice of the customer in everything we do – thinking about the teams using our platform and asking the key (if slightly annoying) question: will it work for them?

Jane wrote the seminal book on culture and leadership (The Culture Builders) and she co-authored two Bank of Me books – which were the embryo of Tuddl. She regularly comments in national media and in Business Schools on a range of business topics.

Adrian Preston

Founder & COO
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Adrian has more than 25 years of experience working as a senior leader in a range of technology focused organisations, many of them developing and delivering SaaS services for global companies. So, who better to build Tuddl than this tech-god? And that’s exactly what he and his team have done – taking sketchy drawings and random ideas and shaping them into something that works, and works really, really well.

As COO, Adrian is responsible for ensuring that the technology, systems, processes and resources are in place to ensure Tuddl is an enterprise class SaaS platform and company. This is far more than keeping the lights on – it’s helping the team think through the challenges of developing such a complex product, keeping the right focus on the next step and making sure that features the team fall in love with are actually needed.

Julia Grosman

Customer Success Manager
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Julia’s passion throughout her career has been to research and work on client relationships, which makes her our most friendly and approachable team member. Her experience in the past 10 years has been helping businesses build the best connections they can have with their clients – ensuring people know how to get the best out of the services they are subscribed to.

She is the person in Tuddl that will help our customer relationships grow and expand – ensuring clients have the best experience possible of our services. And that’s not just fixing problems – it’s finding ways to use Tuddl to tackle the challenges that organisations face, sharing ideas and new innovations with them and being a friendly face for users.

Julia has spent most of her career working with SaaS startup and technology companies and Tuddl has given her the perfect opportunity to work as Chief Client Happiness Officer! (We didn’t give her that title, she made it up – but it’s stuck).

Marnie Brook

Principal Developer
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Marnie has spent her 10 years in the industry working on delivering complex and robust systems, from scruffy MVPs to fully distributed SaaS systems. Having previously worked and specialised in no-code meta-modelling products, what brought her to Tuddl was the ability to meaningfully help others with her work.

Marnie is taking her role as Principal Developer here seriously, and is helping in the push to keep Tuddl as beautiful in code as it looks on your device and, as a serious nerd, always looking for ways to push the product further and further and evolve it.

As an openly out trans woman, she has also spoken in conferences about her experience coming out in the industry and given her experience and advice to both individuals and companies on maintaining an inclusive workplace.

Trudie Durbridge

Content Manager
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Trudie has a wealth of experience in the industry as a project manager, ensuring Client programmes run smoothly and proficiently – and with three lively boys at home her project management skills are well honed!

She has a background in psychology, and a passion for learning and the science behind wellbeing and what really makes people be the best version of themselves – the perfect ingredients for her role as Content Manager at Tuddl.

As part of her role at Tuddl, she’s always making new connections and on the lookout for that next inspiring piece of content for our users – the perfect job for someone who loves a chat!

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